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As I See It

As I See It

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Monday - August 20, 2018 5:58 am

Not long ago, those entering the city of La Crosse from points north weren’t exactly being “welcomed” to the city. But in recent years, many steps have been taken to improve the first impression we provide to our many visitors. And that first impression can be one of the most important factors to determine whether visitors to our city ever decide to make a return trip. The state DOT has completed its multimillion dollar reconstruction of the north entrance to the city. It has a much cleaner look, and traffic flows much better both north and south. The city successfully lobbied for the creation of an eagle viewing area to be part of the reconstruction project. That provides an aesthetically pleasing welcome that is truly welcoming. People who visit La Crosse, perhaps never seeing a bald eagle before, can pull over as soon as they get to town and admire God’s country, and if they are lucky, the symbol of our country flying overhead. Now the city wants to further beautify the area by moving the La Crosse Players statue now located just down the road to the eagle viewing area. That is a good idea. Many people who visit like to pull over and take pictures of the statue. But it would be much safer to have them do so in an area where there is parking, secure from passing traffic. Plus, there is some money leftover from the highway reconstruction that could help pay for moving the statue. Creating that first impression among visitors is important, and moving the Players statue would help make a more lasting impression.

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