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Monday - August 31, 2015 12:00 am

ReStore showing off new landscaping movement Featured

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Management leads to less pollution, cleaner water

Soak It Up, a learning site for stormwater management at La Crosse's Habitat for Humanity ReStore, will begin a major construction today, and you can get involved.

The landscaping is part of a new movement to shape buildings and pavement so water runoff soaks naturally into the ground, before heading to a storm drain or ditch. The results are multifaceted, including cleaner rivers, more groundwater and less expenses on cities.

According to leaders with the ReStore, people who want to see construction first hand and speak directly with contractors and landscapers need to reserve a spot on limited tour lists.

There will be two tours, from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. One Tuesday and the other Sept. 17. To sign up for the tour, click here, and scroll down to "share the news."

Tuesday’s includes excavation of old rock and soil plus biofilter installation. The second includes installation of swales and planting of biofilters.

The learning site is being developed by La Crosse Urban Stormwater Group and La Crosse Area Habitat for Humanity. The Habitat ReStore will be the poster child for stormwater management, showing how urban properties can be managed to soak up rainfall and snowmelt instead of sending polluted water to local rivers.

Landowners who apply for stormwater utility credits also reduce long-term home and business costs.

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