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Wednesday - June 7, 2017 2:46 am

Home bakers exempt from licensing a little too pro business says watchdog

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Proposal, scheduled for hearing today, been linked to Koch brothers.

A plan to get home bakers out from underneath the heavy thumb of big brother is getting some pushback from - of all things - a government watchdog group.

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign says the proposal from Republicans in Madison to exempt home bakers from licensing requirements in Wisconsin is a little too pro-business.

The group has linked the effort to the shadow conservative group ALEC and the Koch brothers and their funding of super pro-business, hyper-conservative causes. 

The proposals in Madison would essentially exempt from licensing those home kitchen bakers who pop out a few wedding cakes or cookies for the corner store. 

The measures follow the decision by a Wisconsin judge last week, who struck down a law requiring home bakers, who sell their goods, to get a state license.  

The proposal is scheduled for a public hearing today.

A similar proposal by other republican lawmakers would remove state licensing requirements for home bakers who make less than $7,500 a year at their craft. 


Mitch Reynolds

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