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Wednesday - November 29, 2017 6:17 pm

Sen. Ron Johnson votes yes on tax bill in committee, believes president will fix plan

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Unclear if Johnson will vote no on tax plan moving forward 

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson believes President Donald Trump.

Johnson has been a key opponent to his own party's tax cut plans but he voted yes in a committee vote on the Senate tax plan Wednesday.

The senator now says he believes Trump's commitment to fix what Johnson calls the imbalance between tax cuts planned for big corporations and what are known as pass through businesses.

Those are the backbone of America, Johnson has said.

"They're contributors to civic organizations," Johnson said. "They make all the donations. But they're also the ones that are vulnerable to larger corporations who hoard their capital because the double taxation dividends being bought out."

Johnson thinks Trump takes his concerns about the bill seriously and will push for changes the senator has pointed out are necessary.

“The problem in the House and Senate bill is so much of the tax relief is directed toward those big C-corps, which is only four percent of American businesses [and] only represent about 55 percent of taxable income," Johnson said. "They are getting somewhere between 70 and 85 percent of the tax benefit. It is simply not equitable."

It's unclear whether Johnson is still a "no" on the tax plan moving forward.

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