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Monday - January 8, 2018 4:07 am

Republican challenger to Ron Kind defends Trump's methods of communication

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There is a lot of scrutiny of President Trump already in the new year. 

The tweet about the relative size of his nuclear button fueled some of that. As did his claims of being a very stable genius.

It's not unlike other things the president has said, but that's nothing to run away from, said Steve Toft, a Republican running for congress this year in Wisconsin's Third District.

"He does not frame the conversation the way that typical politicians do and he doesn't have a filter," Toft said. "Some people like that and there are others that don't like that.

"And they'd like to see him be a little more polished and I think that will probably come with time and experience."

Toft added that he has nothing critical to say about Trump's very recent comments in relation to the relative size of his nuclear button.

Toft, a retired Army colonel, is challenging longtime incumbent Ron Kind for the district. The veteran hears strong opinions throughout western Wisconsin and he says many like how the president expresses himself.

"President Trump is a man that speaks his mind and he doesn't try to filter it," Toft said. "I think there's some value in that."

Toft also wonders why wouldn't people like what the president has done?

"The stock market's increased tremendously," Toft said. "We're at, virtually, 100 percent employment. A lot of things have gone pretty well."

This will be Toft's first run for office.

Mitch Reynolds

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