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Tuesday - January 16, 2018 12:43 am

Agreements soon to be in place for new La Crosse harbor, extent of services still unknown

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It's still a little unclear to boaters what the new La Crosse Municipal Boat Harbor will look like.

The park board this week takes a look at new rental agreements for the overhauled harbor.

For now, fees look pretty much the same, says Myron Swenson, a longtime tenant at the harbor. And he's happy about having new docks.

"I would assume that the rates would probably go up for the 2019 boating season but we don't know how much that will be," Swenson said.

As for the rest of the harbor — like a restroom, showers, a gas dock?

"This is an entrance into the city," Swenson said. "A marina store or a restaurant, something like that, would be a great asset, I would think."

Swenson expects new docks to be assembled on the ice in the harbor soon and be ready for use May 1. Last fall, the city council approved spending $1.8 million to completely renovate the harbor.

Shortly after, all of the boat owners remaining in the harbor were evicted.


Mitch Reynolds

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