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Thursday - February 8, 2018 3:33 am

Minnesota AARP stages forums to seek answers for high Rx prices

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The conversation about what to do with soaring prescriptions drug prices began Wednesday in Minnesota.

The Minnesota AARP is holding forums leading up to when the state legislature convenes at the end of the month.

The basis is looking for solutions to ever-rising drug prices.

"These drugs just arbitrarily go up overnight and there's no justification and there's no requirement that the big pharma company provide a rationale for what most people believe is just price gouging," Minnesota AARP's Seth Boffeli said.

Minnesota could do what some other states are considering.

"The state could set themselves up as a wholesaler and then begin bulk buying medications from Candaa," Boffeli said. "And one way this could have a big impact is on our state Medicaid population.

The group is holding a public forum on the issue in Rochester on Tuesday.

Mitch Reynolds

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