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Friday - April 13, 2018 12:17 am

County and Village of Holmen reach payment agreement following Holmen Drive mistakes

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Holmen Drive is a rumble strip of a road that is on its way to a repair — again.

The newly paved road has bumps and major buckling issues with the asphalt in more than third of a stretch from Halfway Creek to McHugh Drive.

La Crosse County and the village of Holmen have hammered out an agreement on paying for repairing the road, originally paved by the county just last year.

The county will cover 40 percent ($148,156) of the cost to re-do the stretch of road, which will be completed by a new contractor.

The county highway department largely blamed weather issues for the washboard road.

Inadequate cleanup before laying the pavement may also have been an issue.

The village thinks the entire road project might be completed by Aug. 20.

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