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Monday - October 3, 2016 2:38 am

Federal judge orders investigation into Wisconsin DMV's (in)ability to issue photo IDs

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There are possible lawsuits now over the Wisconsin DMV's apparent inability to get free voter IDs to those who want them.

That after a report, late last week, finding DMV workers in Madison denying voter credentials and offering differing and confusing versions of requirements to get a voter ID.

On top of that, it happened right after attorney general Brad Schimel assured the courts that DMV workers are up to speed on what they're supposed to do.

"It just depends on which DMV office you go to on how difficult or easy it's going to be," Jay Heck from Wisconsin Common Cause said. 

Amidst a probe into Wisconsin voter ID issues, this has turned into an "I told you so" moment for the law's critics. A federal judge has ordered an investigation into the DMV's ability - or inability - to get photo IDs to those who need them to vote.

It all comes because that effort is failing and likely by design Heck believes.

"Really, what this comes down to is just making it more difficult and making it so that certain segments of Wisconsin's population has to jump through hoops in order to do something they've been doing for 50 years, or 100 years, and that is to vote," Heck said. "This inconsistency is very unfair and could disenfranchise a lot of voters." 

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Mitch Reynolds

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