Skogen Had Tickets.....And No Seats at Super Bowl

For Dave Skogen of Festival Foods........seeing the Packers in the Super Bowl was a first. But with what happened to him, his son and 2-13 year old grandsons AT the Super was an experience they will never forget.


Seems as though Skogen was amongst the 1500 fans that had tickets and no seats. A very trying time. But he says every bad opportunity has it 's bright spots. And that opportunity turned out to be 4 tickets....20 rows from the field for the 4. Courtesy of the NFL. Skogen says all in all his family had a great time.....taking in the NFL experience....meeting and taking pictures with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, all that after being stuck in a hotel for 2 days because of snow and ice that fell earlier in the week.

As for the 400 that never watched the game inside Texas Stadium.........the NFL has offered 3 times the face value for their tickets....and free Super Bowl tickets for next year's game at Indianapolis. Let's hope their team makes the big game.

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