Area Schools Closed Today in Anticipation of Protests

Several schools in the area have called off school in anticipation of protest actions against governor Walker's proposal to strip most public workers of much of their collective bargaining rights.  La Crosse, West Salem, Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau, Bangor, and Holmen are among the districts that are closed as teachers are expected to convene on the state capitol.   A vote is nearing in the capital on the collective bargaining rights issue as well as other proposals to have union workers pay more of their own pensions and health care costs.  Law enforcement and firefighter unions are exempt from the proposed changes.


+3 #1 2011-02-17 07:27
Obviously this is about the teachers, not the students. Will they be forced to make this school day up? Will they be reimbursing people who had to stay home from work today to be with their kids because of this VERY unplanned event and may not have been able to make alternative arrangements? My healthcare costs have skyrocketed (& I WORK in the healthcare industry) & have to rationalize having certain procedures & am forced to go where my plan tells me, unlike the public/government employees--why should we be forced to continue to pay for their cadillac plans and pensions--I can't retire at age 55 w/cush benefits for me and my family. To me, it sounds like teachers and government employees, union members are putting their benefits before their customers---we and our children.

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