Kapanke Named In Recall Story

A Wisconsin newspaper has pasted a bullseye on Lacrosse Republican Senator Dan Kapanke's back.


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal has stated that Kapanke along with Senators Alberta Darling and Randy Hopper– and Democrats Jim Holperin and Bob Wirch could all be the focus of recall attempts. Kapanke says he will face it if it comes but...he was elected and is paid to the job of the people and he will continue to do so. He says not every vote he has cast will be in favor of the public but he feels he votes what he thinks is right. Kapanke says he will vote for Governor Scott Walkers proposal to severely limit collective bargaining rights of state workers.


On Tuesday, A Utah-based group started the process to recall eight Wisconsin Democratic state senators from office. American Recall Coalition filed the paperwork with the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.

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