Mrs. Oktoberfest 2011

Oktoberfest, USA announces the Mrs. Oktoberfest Selection Committee is now accepting nominations for the 2011 Mrs. Oktoberfest!

Joyce Lindseth, the first Mrs. Oktoberfest, was chosen Thursday, October 2, 1968 from 80 contestants at what was then called the “Mrs. Oktoberfest Fashion-Fair Style Show.”  For the first six years, Mrs. Oktoberfest was selected via pageantry process and was chosen by a panel of our past Festmasters.  Contestants were judged on homemaking; church participation; school/civic affairs; poise and personality; cooking; and special talents and creative hobbies. 

Times have changed and so has the selection process!  Since 1974, the community continues to play a larger part in choosing who will represent the Oktoberfest Family as Mrs. Oktoberfest.  In this the 51st celebration, the selection committee, comprised of past Mrs. Oktoberfests, will determine who will be the 44th “Mrs. O.”  Requirements were recently updated for 2011 nominations and are available on their website at:  For your convenience, you may also download a nomination form on the website.

Completed nomination forms and a recent photo of the candidate may be dropped off at the Oktoberfest office located on the Southside Festgrounds at the corner of 2nd and La Crosse streets from Monday-Thursday during the hours of 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  Entries may also be mailed via standard mail to: Oktoberfest USA, ATTN: Mrs. Oktoberfest Nomination, PO Box 1716, La Crosse, WI 54602-1716.  Please also remember, as a courtesy, to inform the woman being nominated.

The 2011 Mrs. Oktoberfest will be announced at the Mrs. Oktoberfest Reception held on Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at the Valhalla Hall of UW-La Crosse.

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