Whooping Cough Hits The Area

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Pertussis is a contagious bacterial disease of the respiratory tract. It affects every one of all ages, but can be very serious in infants and young children. As of Tuesday, twelve cases have been confirmed with a potential for this number to rise.  La Crosse County Public Health Nursing investigates all cases along with our community partners in attempt to control the spread of the disease.

The signs and symptoms of Pertussis are much like the common cold at first. They start out with a runny nose, possible low grade fever, mild irritating cough that is not treated with over the counter cough medicine. This may progress to an explosive cough that can interrupt breathing, eating and sleeping. The patient may make a “whooping” sound as they inhale air. This cough may last for several weeks to months.

La Crosse County Public Health Nursing together with the State of Wisconsin Department of Health encourages you to consult your health care provider for testing if you are experiencing symptoms. Treatment is available for Pertussis along with vaccination.

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