Recall Petitions Head To Madison

People working on the recall of state Senator Dan Kapanke have gathered enough signatures to force a recall election.


And they did it in just half the time allotted for gathering signatures -- a performance that attests to the energy of some of the recall efforts going on throughout the state. After they are delivered today, the recall organizers have collected them in just half the time they were allotted. Organizers registered the recall effort on March 2nd, and had until May 2nd to collect the signatures.

Lacrosse County Human Services Social Worker, Rochelle Zimmerman led a noon rally of recall supporters.


After the signatures are delivered, the GAB will have 31 days to validate them. In the first 10 days, Kapanke can challenge any of the signatures on the petitions. If the petitions are found sufficient to call an election, one could be scheduled for the Tuesday of the sixth week after they're found sufficient -- which could come as early as June 7th. Just two Wisconsin lawmakers have ever lost recall elections -- Senator Gary George in 2003 and Senator George Petak in 1996.

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