Oshkosh Chicken Agitator Has Counsel For La Crosse Backers

Seem like the chicken discussion has been going on forever in La Crosse? The city council once again this month considers allowing backyard chickens. It's an issue that's been several months in the hatching. That's about right from Daniel Hoyt's perspective. He spearheaded the backyard chickens idea in Oshkosh.  He says it took about a year from when he first started work on the process till last month when the Oshkosh council passed the chicken ordinance. His advice for chicken backers in La Crosse: Do your research, get your facts, get ready to address naysayers whose reasons not to allow chickens are derived primarily from a position of fear.   The Oshkosh rule allows four backyard chickens--no roosters--and only with the neighbors' permission.

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