Who Killed The 9 Year Old Year Girl????

The D.A. in Black River Falls has announced who he thinks who killed a 9 year old girl 21 years ago. At a press conference this afternoon, District Attorney Gerald Fox stated that forensic evidence led them to Chris Thundercloud, a Black River Falls man who died in 2006. Fox claims he raped, tortured and killed Jennifer Wesho in August of 1989 and that Wesho was last seen with Thundercloud.

Wesho's father found her near-nude body in a wooded area near her home in the Sand Pillow Village of the Ho-Chunk housing development, near Black River Falls. Fox says that Thundercloud raped, beat and burned Wesho with cigarettes before strangling her.

Fox says that Thundercloud died at age 55 before authorities had enough evidence to arrest him in the Wesho's murder.

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