Doyle To File Criminal/Civil Charges Against Political Group

A mailing campaign from the Brookfield, Wisconsin group, Jobs First Coalition, claims 94th Assembly Candidate, Steve Doyle, does not pay his property taxes and if he does, they are always late. That false claim, according to Doyle, has his campaign now in the process of filing criminal and civil charges against the group, which is headed up by former State Assembly Speaker, Scott Jensen. Jensen was convicted last year of felony misconduct in office.

On hand today to verify that Doyle has in fact filed his taxes and on time was Lacrosse County Finance Director Gary Ingvalson, County Director of Zoning and Planning Jeff Blusky and former Town of Onalaska Clerk, Sue Schultz.   

Doyle says he's not surprised these negative attack ad's are coming out so fast in the campaign. And he has a message to the folks in the 94th.....expect more of these negative ad's to surface both on radio, in newspapers and in your mail.

The election for the 94th Assembly District is May 3rd.

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