Student Political Activist Says College Vote Will Suffer With Voter ID

If the goal of a photo ID bill in Madison is to keep college students from voting, it should be pretty successful, according to a local college democrat. Jesse Campo is co-chair of UWL college democrats. He says, forcing students to have an official photo ID from the DMV when voting just adds hurdles to the whole voting process.   He says, with the only area DMV in Onalaska, it will be a major challenge to get many students to get IDs ahead of an election.


A bill in Madison right now would mandate a photo ID to vote. An amendment to the bill would allow a student ID as long as there's an address on it.


0 #3 Whitetails 2011-05-07 08:12
Look, a picture ID is required for a job. Students are issued a picture ID for COllege--I've attended four colleges, so I know this is true. Even High school students can get a picture state ID for job purposes even if they don't drive. Any student who doesn't have a picture ID is a fake. If the problem is the home address, well that just means students can no longer cheat and vote in two districts.
0 #2 Dan 2011-05-06 11:02
La Crosse MTU connects area college students to the DMV, with almost door-to-door service. These same students don't seem to have a problem getting to Valley View Mall or Best Buy. If making that extra half-mile trip on the bus constitutes a "major challenge", then there is little hope for the future of the current generation of local college students.
0 #1 Lucenut 2011-05-06 07:56
If a college student can't get themselves a drivers license or state id then they are some kind of pitiful citizen.

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