Gospel Choir Equipment Stolen


You won't be hearing the The Coulee Region Gospel Choir anytime soon. The group's Sue Schultz says someone broke into a storage unit in Holmen and stole every piece of sound equipment they had. $9000 worth and some not all paid for yet. It was one of several storage unit break-ins reported in the past week.

Choir director Ruth Granum discovered the loss Tuesday when she went to the storage unit to retrieve some sheet music and found everything but the sheet music gone from the unit.

As Holmen police investigate, the group is asking for donations to buy new equipment. Contact Sue Schultz at 526-2218 for more information.You can also contact Choir Director Ruth Granum at 526-2218. Donations can be sent to Choir 515 East Avenue, Holmen WI. 54636

If you have information on the thief or thieves who stole the equipment, contact Holmen police.

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