New Wave Of Drugs Doing Harm

Kids are getting high and are getting away with it. And that's a huge problem in Winona. Officer Kevin Kearney spoke to a crowd of 175 Tuesday night...all wanting more information on Plant Food and Bath Salts. The effects of the Mephedrone fueled drug that goes by the names cloud silk and ocean snow.....shocked some in attendance.

Kearney says the problem with the legal drugs is so bad, that they receive 3-4 calls a day....anyone from concerned citizens to users themselves that call to say they are freaked out and are high at that time.

Kearney says the problem is bad in Winona now and is now spreading from Lacrosse to Rochester and even Fillmore County is receiving reports of legal bath salt drug users there.


And as long as the legal drugs are out there Kearney says you will hear more stories about people being chased by werewolves and monsters and even some wanting to hurt themselves.....and really not even knowing what they are doing. More forums will possibly be scheduled in the future.

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