Kapanke Helps Secure Funds For Damaged Dams

Senator Dan Kapanke says that Vernon County's P.L. 566 Dams will be eligible for Stewardship funds in the coming year based on a motion passed in Thursday’s Joint Finance Committee hearing on the 2011-13 biennium budget.  The primary function of the 22 dams is flood control and safety.

Since 2008, Vernon County has been under Orders by the DNR to repair five of the twenty-two large flood control structures. They experienced structural damage during the 2007 and 2008 historic flooding in the region. Three of the dams—Sea’s Branch, Jersey Valley, and Hidden Valley—have secured the necessary funding in order to make the required repairs. However, two remaining dams—Runge Hollow and Yttri/Primmer—are short on the necessary funding to begin the structural repairs.

Kapanke thanked Representative Jennifer Shilling for recognizing his work on the motion and for publicly applauding his efforts during her testimony at the Joint Finance Committee hearing.

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