Cole To Prison For LIfe

Last April, Tammy Cole, of Illinois, put a gun to the back of Lance Evans' head and shot him to death. She then kicked a gas line out in the house and tried to blow the Tomah house up to cover up the evidence. All because he was breaking up with her, his part-time girlfriend. Today was Cole's sentencing in Monroe County.

Cole stated throughout the trial that she was Evan's girlfriend and the shooting was an accident, even though Evan's had just told Cole he was not going to see her anymore. Before sentencing, Evan's OTHER girlfriend, Mary McClain spoke to Cole, who sat emotionless. She told Cole that she took her life away and if she thinks the nightmares she has about the shooting are rough.....try having the one's that she does. McClain found Evans dead body in a pool of blood last April. Cole fled the state and was gone until Illinois police busted her in June of 2010.


Monroe County Judge Todd Ziegler, on the state's recommendation, sentenced Cole to life in prison without the chance of parole for 30 years. He tacked on another 7 years for Cole's efforts in trying to blow up the house after she shot Evans. Cole will be 84 before she would get a chance at seeing the outside of prison walls.

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