Bye Bye Bath Salts?

We told you a couple of weeks ago about people who believed werewolves were attacking them..... one kneeled down, raised his hands above his head and recited Bible passages to the emergency room staff at Winona Health and another saw his heart beating outside of his chest. All cases stemming from the use of plant food or bath drugs that are hitting Winona hard. Until now.


A bill signed into law last week by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton will ban the sale or possession of plant food effective July 1st. The bill was authored by state Senator Jeremy Miller, of Winona, who has called plant food a very serious and dangerous issue in Winona.

Plant food is a powdery chemical with effects similar to cocaine, amphetamine and Ecstasy. The synthetic drug can be smoked, ingested or injected. The active ingredient, mephedrone, produces euphoria as well as intense hallucinations, heart palpitations, and other adverse effects that in the worst cases lead to death.

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