Sen. Klobuchar Hopeful About Debt Deal

From the middle of the country, it looks like little progress is being made toward a debt reduction deal in Washington.

But from the middle of the U-S Senate, the moderate center, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is optimistic that agreement can be reached before an early August deadline. While touring a dairy farm near Caledonia on Saturday, Democrat Klobuchar pointed out that a debt plan needs more than a simple majority to needs 60 votes.

Klobuchar believes billions could be cut just in areas such as defense spending. She says Minnesota residents want to see 'shared sacrifice' at the federal level.


0 #1 Dan 2011-07-11 09:28
Tell you what, Senator: Let's do away with every penny of Defense spending. Now, what are you planning to do about the other ~$700 billion in debt for this budget, most of which happens to be social spending?

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