Onalaska To Construct And Fundraise In The Spring

After an intensive 14 month planning process the City of Onalaska is poised to begin construction on a project that will change the face of downtown Onalaska. The Great River Road/State Hwy 35 Streetscape Project will enhance a 7 block area of the Hwy 35 corridor just south of Elm to King Street, making the downtown area more attractive and friendlier to pedestrians and bicyclists.
Once complete this will revitalize the downtown shopping area creating a dynamic that is designed to attract more businesses. We are anticipating that ripples from this project will positively impact the entire City.
The City received a substantial Transportation Enhancement grant from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation grant, which will pay for 80% of the project’s cost with the City picking up the remaining 20%. With construction starting in the spring of 2012 the City is partnering with the Onalaska Enhancement Foundation to raise the City’s share of the project’s cost.
Donations can be made to the Onalaska Enhancement Foundation and are tax deductible. Fundraising booklets are available at City Hall, the Onalaska Library and the Center for Commerce and Tourism.

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