Search For Missing Boy Called Off Again

After 7 more hours searching the Mississippi River, crews called off their search this afternoon. But divers may have something to work with when they are back in the water Wednesday morning. A cadaver dog picked up a scent that may have been human remains about 110 yards south of where Junior Thao was last seen. That led search and rescue crews to drag the area and use underwater cameras and sonar. They're calling the image one of interest.

Junior Thao and his family had planned to be at the public pool Monday, but the family decided to go to Pettibone Park instead.

The search will continue tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. They're going to focus on the area of interest with divers. But they also plan to cover the backwater area, the tributaries, docks, boathouses and any other area where there are obstructions coming out from the shore.

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