Council Member Disappointed in Liquor License Denial

Hard to run a bar without a liquor license. And, maybe, harder still to fight city hall to get one. Apparently what some potential bar owners felt in La Crosse after the city's plan commission denied the group a license. City council member Andrea Richmond says she was told the denial came because there's just too many bars downtown. A real head-scratcher for Richmond who says a business is a business and if it fills a storefront and attracts people downtown then what's the problem?


Oddly, the denial of a liquor license for Neuie's Downtown happened at the same meeting that another liquor license for downtown was approved.  The group who wanted to open the bar have asked that their license application get withdrawn.


0 #1 Midwest Doxies 2011-08-05 12:22
Congrats to Kate's ...just what La Crosse needed, a high priced sandwich shop with the ability to serve liquor. Guess it pays to have the appropriate last name such as Gerrard or even Fortney when it comes to policing the businesses downtown. Afraid that that policing is more for their own benefit rather than for the actual good of the community. Perhaps it's time for La Crosse to stand up and boycott these businesses and let them feel some of the pain!

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