Deke Slayton Museum Closing???

Alli Karrels, the Executive Director of a museum in Sparta, says they are facing a crisis right now that could possibly shut down the museum. The Deke Slayton Space Museum honors “Deke” Slayton, who was one of the original NASA Mercury Seven astronauts and grew up around Sparta.

The Deke Slayton Museum has been a Monroe County institution for over a decade. The museum receives over half its funding from the City of Sparta in the form of a $40 thousand annual grant. The city of Sparta is considering cutting the funding they receive for 2012. This reduction in funding would shut the museum down. The city's budget committee meets on the 27th.

The museum has artifacts on loan from NASA including a piece of the moon, a bicycle collection spanning decades, and they provide tourism and education for the community.

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