Police Avert 2 More Possible River Drownings

The Lacrosse community almost had to deal with two more river drownings this weekend. Almost.

The first was early Friday morning when La Crosse Police officers saw 21 year old Corey Colsch run into the chain that runs across the levee entrance at Riverside Park. After running into the chain, he sat on the curb on Front Street where officers were able to talk to him. Colsch was highly intoxicated with a blood alcohol at .23 nearly 3 times the legal limit. Then almost an hour later, officers made contact with 21 year old Robert Wunnicke. He was seen staggering badly towards the river near Front Street until he was stopped. Police say Wunnicke was extremely intoxicated and pointed toward the river as the best way home. His blood alcohol level was of .27 more than 3 times the legal limit.

Lacrosse police say one or both of these young men could have fallen into the Mississippi River and given current water temperatures would have most certainly resulted in another cold water drowning. Nine times since 1997, missing persons were found drowned after a night of reported binge drinking. The last was 21-year-old Craig Meyers, a student at Western Technical College. Police said he had been drinking at a wedding reception and two taverns before being reported missing.

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