Accident Counts on Highway 16 Less Than Expected

Ask anybody who drives highway 16 daily in La Crosse and they'll tell you about the constant traffic back-ups caused by accidents.  

As often as it happens, however, we've found that the number of intersection accidents on highway 16 have actually dropped significantly over a five year stretch.   In 2005 higway 16 and Gillette street was the most accident-prone in the city, with 29 reported that year.   Last year, there was only 8 at that intersection.   Number two crash-prone intersection was at 16 and 157.  24 accidents in 2005.  22 last year.   Number three that year; 16 and 157.   That intersection dropped from 23 crashes to 7 last year.  Police numbers show several intersections in the city now are much more likely to have accidents than those on highway 16. 

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