Woodman's Pulls Eggs After Video Released

If you are used to finding Lichtfield, Minnesota based Sparboe Farms eggs at Woodman's in won't after tonight. That's because the company, based in Janesville, has followed many other companies like McDonald's and Target who have dropped the nation’s largest egg supplier after a video was released showing multiple instances of animal cruelty at the supplier's facilities in Colorado, Iowa and Minnesota. Clint Woodman says it's all about their customers.

The group Mercy for Animals posted the video, which includes graphic footage of a person swinging a chicken around, someone searing off chicks beaks and another person suffocating chicks with their bare hands. Sparboe President, Beth Sparboe Schnell, says the employees on the tape are now gone.

Sparboe produces 300 million eggs a year, in regular, liquid, frozen and dried form, and ships them to restaurants and stores across the country.

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