Was Stratman Paid This Whole Time

Lacrosse County Deputy, Trisha Stratman avoided any punishment for her role in the death of Holmen teen Brandon Jennings, besides being fired from her job. But how much money did she make while the whole ordeal of charges and courts was going on? Almost $28 thousand.

Stratman was involved in the crash that killed Jennings in July of 2010. Charges were filed against her this past January and she went on a personal leave in February. When she returned back to work, she was on light duty work until she was fired in August. Stratman appealed her firing and state law requires sheriff's deputies continue receiving full pay and benefits until the appeals process is finished.

Stratman lost her appeal and was officially taken off the county payrolls on October 8th. An arbitrator with the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission will determine whether there was just cause for the firing, but no date has been set for the hearing.

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