Strange Sparta Guy

A strange night for Onalaska Police last night. Seems as though 25 year old Martin Cooper of Sparta walked into Northern Hills Elementary where he grabbed the janitor, pulled her into a closet and put his hands on her hips. The janitor was able to get away from Cooper and called police. While Onalaska police were searching the area for Cooper, another call came from a resident advising that a man had walked into their house......sat down on a couch......put his arm around a female that was sitting on the couch and pulled her closer. He then left the house.

While still searching for Cooper, another call was received from a business on Riders Club reporting a suspicious male. Officers located the subject, determined it was the same person from the previous two calls and arrested Cooper. 

He was arrested on two counts of disorderly conduct and one count of trespassing and taken to the La Crosse County Jail where he was booked on the three charges. Cooper, who is also on probation, had a probation hold placed on him.

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