Skyrockers Celebrate 82 Years This Weekend

The La Crosse Skyrockers New Year's Eve fireworks shows are the oldest community sponsored displays in the country. The Early Bird show at 6PM is a tradition from the 1950s for the young people and others who want to enjoy a celebration at a more convenient time. The Midnight show has been broadcast on radio since 1957 and on TV since 1985. And President, Pat Bonaduer, says their not just seen in Lacrosse.

The Fall are on of the Skyrockers annual trademarks. This year marks the 82nd anniversary for the local group. When the Main Channel bridge was dedicated in September 1939, a precursor for the modern Riverfest, they were there doing the fireworks. When Oktoberfest wanted special shows for their 25th Anniversary, they were there. In 1991, they hosted an international pyrotechnic convention here that was the largest convention in La Crosse history.

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