On List of Things That Only Happen When Drunk

There are some things that just seem to make more sense when you've been drinking heavily.   Which might explain the actions of four young guys this week-end in La Crosse.  Apparently all of them hammered, three of them underage.  Came back to the Vine street apartment of one of the guys early morning Saturday.  But on the way, amused themselves by kicking in the doors of several other apartments.  Scared several people and destroyed doors and doorframes.  They arrested three, still looking for the fourth guy. 


0 #1 Community Helper 2012-01-10 09:57
This behavior happened again Saturday night (actually 2:04 am Sunday) as a girl and two boys smashed out windows of two Vine Street apartments before running into the residence of 929 Vine where a party was going on. Laughing all the way while holding their beer bottles. What makes criminal damage so funny ?

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