7 Hour Standoff Ends Peacefully

A Missouri man is in the Monroe County jail after keeping police at bay for 7 hours Sunday morning at a Tomah Motel. 22 year old Kenneth Roark was reportedly in the Super 8 Motel around 2:30am, intoxicated and had a hand gun. After officers confonted him in a hallway......he ran off back into his room.


Several police agencies set up a perimeter around the motel......cleared out 15 rooms on the first floor.....and in the end, flushed him out of the room using chemical agents. Tomah Police Cheif Wes Revels told WIZM's Dan Deicher that the people staying in the rooms that were cleared out were performing work at a local sand mine with Roark.


Roark is being held on suspicion of endangering safety while intoxicated with a firearm, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct with a dangerous weapon. He will make a court appearance Monday morning.

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