Winter's Over, One Of 10 Least Snowy Ever In La Crosse

At the end of November, one weather service forecaster in La Crosse predicted that a string of very snowy winters would continue for this season.

Turns out, Jeff Boyne's prediction was wrong. Boyne says at this point, our 21 inches of snow for the season makes this one of the 10 least snowy winters ever for La Crosse. It's the driest winter in 12 years. A jet stream in Canada and thunderstorms to the south of us have helped maintain mild weather throughout the season, according to Jeff. And he jokes that if he had looked at the climate trend more closely in November, he might have seen the dry season coming.


Boyne says the deepest that the snow ever got this winter was seven inches in late January...coincidentally, around the time of La Crosse's Winter Rec Fest.



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