Wild Fire Season Has Struck

It's that time of year again....time for wild fires. And they have kept some fire department busy so far. Like this weekend where the Stoddard-Bergen Fire Department was called out to theTownship of Bergen where a wild land fire was heading toward a shed. And it got worse than that. The Department found 2-sheds were fully engulfed in fire. Fire was also in direct contact with a 500 gallon LP cylinder and another shed. In the end, fire had destroyed 2 sheds and a car, a 3rd shed recieved minor structure damage and home exterior damage was reported to the 2nd floor and 2 rooms on 1st floor. The dry vegetation and wind gusts caused the valley the wild land fire moved up the hill at an alarming rate. Winds were gusting as high as 29mph.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation by the Stoddard-Bergen Fire Department.

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