Governor Signs Bills In La Crosse

Governor Walker signed seven bills in the La Crosse area. He will sign Assembly Bill (AB) 518, AB 383, and AB 104 and Senate Bill (SB) 441, SB 156, SB 557, SB 262. Governor Walker signed SB 441 into law, legislation that allows voluntary contributions to be made for habit management programs and protection and stewardship of state managed natural resources.  AB 105 was also signed into law, legislation that guarantees a diversity of background on the Natural Resources Board. It specifically ensures that agricultural and sportsmen's interests are represented.  SB 156 was signed into law by the Governor, legislation that establishes licensing requirements for drillers of heat exchange drillholes to minimize groundwater contamination risks while giving the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) the authority to regulate drill holes used for geothermal heat exchange.  The Governor signed SB 557 into law, legislation that gives local units of government flexibility in maintaining pollution standards, enhances water quality standards, and saves taxpayers money by reducing the need for overly expensive facility upgrades for point source pollution. Governor Walker signed AB 383 into law, legislation that provides flexibilities in the disposal of oil absorbent materials in an environmentally safe manner.  SB 262 was signed into law by Governor Walker, which addresses a current problem on the St. Croix National Riverway by providing an exemption for a floating toilet.

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