NCAA Cites UW-La Crosse Intercollegiate Athletics Program for Violations

Earlier today, the NCAA Committee on Infractions released a report finding that the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s intercollegiate athletics program has committed three major violations related to the school’s financial aid practices. The NCAA found the violations began at least as early as the 2007-08 academic year, with evidence that the prohibited practices have been ongoing for 20 years or more.


In the period studied, the NCAA found no evidence to suggest that UW-L’s student-athletes improperly received financial aid or that members of UW-L’s athletics or campus staff acted intentionally to violate NCAA rules. Rather, the University’s procedures for awarding financial aid allowed for consideration of athletics leadership, participation, or performance and permitted service of athletics staff members on scholarship selection committees, neither of which is permissible under NCAA legislation.


As a result of these violations, the Committee on Infractions has assessed the university with both punitive actions and corrective measures. For the next two years, UW-L will be on probation, during which time it must institute a variety of educational programs for campus staff, inform prospective student-athletes of the program’s probationary status, and submit regular compliance reports to the NCAA.  UW-L Chancellor, Dr. Joe Gow said while the NCAA concluded that no one at UW-L intentionally violated NCAA policies, they agree that they must do a better job of eliminating any possibility that student athletic participation could become associated with any of their scholarships and the processes used for awarding them.

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