2 Nailed In Onalaska Drug Bust

2-27 year olds were jailed this week after a large scale drug bust in Onalaska this week. On Monday, Onalaska Police and the La Crosse County Emergency Response Team served a search warrant at 957 11th Ave South in Onalaska, the apartment of Kevin Jones and Shayla Hermanson. K-9 Units from both the Onalaska Police Department and La Crosse County were brought in to execute the search. The search yielded $13 thousand 1145 grams of marijuana and 430 grams of K2. Also discovered was Meth, Ecstasy, Bath Salts and various drug paraphernalia. All of this was seized along with a vehicle owned by Jones. Jones and Hermanson, both Onalaska residents, were taken into custody and charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana, warehousing, possession of K2, MDMA, Meth, Bath Salts and possession of prescription drugs without a prescription. Both Jones and Hermanson were charged with a total of 3 Felonies and 6 Misdemeanors as a result of the warrant. They are both currently out on bond pending trial.

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