Walker And Falk Both Meet Voters In Lax Over Weekend

In the space of two hours on Saturday, you could have seen both Wisconsin's governor and one of his main Democratic challengers campaigning in La Crosse, ahead of Tuesday's recall primary.

Democrat Kathleen Falk was first in town, speaking at the Cowley Science Hall on the U-W-L campus. About an hour later, Governor Scott Walker greeted volunteers at the Republican party office on the Causeway. Falk believes a coalition of many groups will give her an edge in the Democratic voting on Tuesday.  Falk says the state would be better off if Walker were to spend less time traveling outside Wisconsin, raising money to offset the massive fund-raising he says Democrats are doing against him.


Walker says he's picking up support from voters in both parties, for standing up for what he believes.

Democrats criticize Walker for traveling out-of-state to raise millions of dollars. Walker says he has to go to other states, to balance the money he says is being raised out-of-state to defeat him.



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