Two More Robberies for La Crosse Police to Solve

La Crosse police are investigating a couple of weekend robberies.   In one, a 21 year-old guy on Jackson street woke up to two or three guys in his home during the late morning on Sunday.  He got pistol-whipped by one of the thugs.  They took what he had: his playstation, some cash and some other stuff.  Police are still investigating and won't say whether they have suspects.  Another guy got jumped by three guys after bar time near downtown on Friday.  The victim says he was kicked and punched while on the ground.  He suffered thousands of dollars worth of dental damage, a possible broken nose and they got his phone and three hundred bucks in cash.  No suspects or arrests in that one, either. 


0 #2 Community Helper 2012-05-08 02:16
did he report it right away Friday morning or did he wait till Sunday at 4:38pm
0 #1 Community Helper 2012-05-08 00:14
And, I called a La Crosse PD investigator with possible sighting of suspects and no one has returned my call. I also witnessed the LAPD Cadet following the same subjects earlier in the evening. So, what gives? Don't they want to investigate all possibilities.....or, maybe they don't have the manpower.

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