Sausage-man Says He'd Do it Again

Kevin Carboni wouldn't have any problem donning the Klement's italian sausage suit again.  He simply hopes for a better outcome the second time around.  Carboni, owner of Harvest Moon Advertising in La Crosse, dressed in the sausage costume as part of opening day ceremonies for the Brewers in Milwaukee yesterday.  He was part of the sausage relay to Miller Park.  It was on that relay that a motorcycle cop ran into him.  A video shows Carboni in the suit bounding across the street to greet people standing on the boulevard and the officer quickly stopping but not before he runs over Carboni's foot, apparently.  Carboni was pretty banged up but finished his leg of the relay and was back at work today.  Carboni says he let the people at Klement's know he was fine and he'd put on the suit again "in a second."

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