Koula Trial: DA Says He Was Desperate for Cash, Defense Suggests Mistaken Identity By Robbers

The suspect in a La Crosse County double murder case is described as a man who loved his parents, and would never want to kill them.


Eric Koula's defense team made its opening argument in Koula's trial this morning. Lead attorney James Koby disputes the prosecution claim that Koula was nearly broke, and that he allegedly killed Dennis and Merna Koula two years ago to get their money. Koby says both victims were shot in the head at close range, with the guns 'perfectly placed' to kill with a single shot. He says that guns which were available to Eric Koula were not the ones used in the murders. The defense case also says a neighbor of the Koulas claims the couple was still alive hours after the time that police think they were murdered.  Police and DA Tim Gruenke believe Koula was desperate for money after losing thousands in day-trading, and cashed a $50,000 check with a forged signature of his father the day after the shootings.




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