Police Looking for Drug-Dealing Trio

They've got the drugs, now they're looking for the drug dealers.  La Crosse police are on the hunt for  three people they say have something to do with some guns, drugs, and money they found with a search warrant at a place on Jackson street on Tuesday.   Working off a tip, cops says they collected from 1621 Jackson; two guns, lots of ammo, three grand in cash and 20 thousand dollars worth of cocaine.   But no people.   They're looking for information or the whereabouts of 29 year-old Nichole Scholl, 30 year-old Raymond Lewis, and 36 year-old Orlandus Lewis.  All of them, say the cops, should be considered armed and dangerous.   


-1 #1 Smarter than U 2010-04-09 07:33
What slumlord ownes this property?

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