Money-Strapped Murder Suspect Owned Several Recreational Vehicles, But Didn't Sell Them

The prosecution in the Eric Koula murder case says Koula didn't have much money two years ago, but he had a lot of wheels.

Jurors were told on Thursday that Eric Koula owned several vehicles at the time his parents were killed, including two all-terrain vehicles and a snowmobile. Which could lead observers to wonder...if he was short of money, why didn't he try selling some of those vehicles? Defense attorney James Koby posed that question to prosecution witness Mary Jo Werner, who's an accountant.  Werner answered that Koula certainly could have sold his possessions to raise money, but he didn't.


Each side presented its own accountant as a witness...with evidence suggesting either that Eric Koula was driven to murder by huge debts, or else that he had lots of money and no reason to want to kill his parents. Today will mark the end of the second week of the trial, which could last another two weeks.


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