Koula Completes Testimony At His Trial

After a day-and-a-half of questioning, Eric Koula has completed testimony at his La Crosse murder trial.

Koula has been consistent in explaining his actions surrounding the shooting of his parents two years ago, and in saying why he misled police about certain evidence. The West Salem man has said that when he was arrested, he couldn't believe police suspected him of committing the murders. Prosecutor Gary Freyberg followed up on that statement, claiming that Koula thought he was smarter than everybody else.


Koula insists that he went to the Bridgeview Plaza Shopko at about the time that his parents were shot, and was not actually at the scene of the crime. The prosecution argues that Koula went to a second Shopko and grabbed the first plant he found, just so he could get a receipt proving he shopped there.


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