Wittich Hall Cleanup Will Take A Month

Cleanup from last weekend’s fire in UW-La Crosse’s Wittich  Hall is expected to take at least a month. Following a review of fire damage by the state adjuster on Tuesday, the university is proceeding with getting more details of the scope of work for cleaning and restoration of the building, according to Bob
Hetzel, Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance.

The building is likely to be off-line for a month while restoration work is completed. During the next several days, employees who worked in the building will be allowed in to retrieve work and personal items. State risk management officials have not yet been able to provide a cost estimate for the restoration.

Firefighters were called to the second oldest academic building
on campus around 10:45 p.m. Saturday, June 16. The fire started in and was contained to a basement storage area, but there is extensive smoke damage throughout the building. The fire started near a power strip on the wall and has been ruled accidental.

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